Kali Fifteen Blossom Chandelier

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Put the power of Kali in your home with the dynamic Kali Chandelier. The bold, but delicate design is destined to be the focal point of your home. The central downward blossom casts direct task lighting to your centerpiece and compliments the chandelier's ambient upward light. This features a special ring-lock system to secure the shade with a simple twist of the wrist.

The Fifteen Blossom Kali Chandelier is part of the Jezebel® Signature line. The shades in this line of lighting are made of premium hand rolled and hand colored glass that has been shaped using a process patented to Jezebel®. The base is crafted of hand-forged iron. This can be ordered in a variety of glass colors and your choice of finish. The Fifteen Blossom Kali Chandelier comes with bulbs and a porcelain socket. Jezebel signs and dates each heirloom piece.

Measurements as shown: 48�H x 58�W x 28�D

15 x (40 watt bulb) not included



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The art is gorgeous, especially the lamps and chandeliers. There is also a gift shop where you can buy hematite rings and other cool stuff, and while you're there, grab a soda or some coffee.

Kailo Wren

This isn't just some machine made piece of glass packaged in a factory, it is actually made by an Artist, by hand, in the Studio of their Gallery. There were a lot of color options to choose from too, it was hard to decide but I'm definitely pleased with my choice. No regrets! That is something else I loved about this, I was supporting a small business and an Artist and not some big company that could care less about me. I am all about supporting the Arts, small businesses, and anything local so this was very cool, a good find. Altogether I am very happy with my new Pendants and I would definitely recommend them to anyone who is looking for something different, artistic, and unique! :)"

- Clarice C.
Sandia Park, NM