"I purchased 3 of these Pendants for my kitchen and they are just beautiful! I couldn't be happier! I had searched for something truly unique at a bunch of websites and in stores, lighting showrooms, Home Depot, Lowe's, etc... but nothing really impressed me. I wanted something that would stand out and all of the manufactured stuff lacked "personality." Finally I found the Jezebel Gallery while visiting Madrid, NM which is a revitalized ghost town about 1/2 hour away from my home. I love that everything is actually handmade there. I was able to go into the studio with Jezebel (there is a real Jezebel!) and pick out the sheets of glass that I wanted. Each sheet was unique and had subtle variations but it was all really beautiful. I selected the Cobalt glass from the "Radiance" line and I also chose the black hardware which looks very chic and contemporary paired with the blue glass.

The glass itself has a very rich color, a bright Cobalt with waves of lighter blue streaked throughout. It looks great with the lights off but when you turn them on the blue just "POPS!" I love it! :) Each Pendant came with about 8' of cord which was nice because I was able to play with the height before I installed them and I had extra cord to spare. The installation instructions were pretty easy to follow and I was able to trade out the old lighting and install the Pendants myself. Initially I was concerned because I have a slanted ceiling and I wasn't sure if the hardware would work on that type of ceiling but Jezebel assured me that it would and she was right, it works on both a flat and a slanted ceiling. The price is a little higher than some of the other glass Pendants that I have seen around but this is SOOOO much nicer and it isn't just a light fixture, it is Art too!

This isn't just some machine made piece of glass packaged in a factory, it is actually made by an Artist, by hand, in the Studio of their Gallery. There were a lot of color options to choose from too, it was hard to decide but I'm definitely pleased with my choice. No regrets! That is something else I loved about this, I was supporting a small business and an Artist and not some big company that could care less about me. I am all about supporting the Arts, small businesses, and anything local so this was very cool, a good find. Altogether I am very happy with my new Pendants and I would definitely recommend them to anyone who is looking for something different, artistic, and unique! :)"
- Clarice C. of Sandia Park, NM

"I had one of what they call their "seductive salads"--spinach with feta cheese and cranberries--absolutely superb. I paid extra to have grilled chicken on it. My companions had other salads and hamburgers which they all loved as well. The name belies the full range of its offerings. Besides being a wonderful eatery, it houses a gallery of original art and an extensive gift shop which includes clothing and decorative items for the home. Madrid, NM, located some 30 miles southwest of Santa Fe on hwy 14 in the Sandia Mountains midway between I-40 and Santa Fe, is sometimes referred to as the "poor man's Santa Fe". Originally a coal mining town, it became a virtual ghost town when trains stopped using coal. In more recent years the expense of Santa Fe has given it new life as its own art colony. The town is full of wonderful eateries, cafes, and gift shops yet retains its rustic mid-20th century appearance. Its more recent claim to fame is as a film location for the movie with John Travolta, "Wild Hogs". Wild Hogs T-shirts, do-rags, mugs, etc abound. It has a museum on mining which I was unable to visit on this trip. I understand it is pretty good. If you're looking for something to do on a weekend or an intriguing side trip on an otherwise long road journey across New Mexico, I highly recommend stopping for a bit in Madrid, NM. By the way, the locals pronounce it with the accent on the first syllable so it sounds more like Mad'-rid than Ma-drid'."
- Donna L.

"I bought two of these lamps (one green & one orange) and hung them over my kitchen sink. They are gorgeous and give my kitchen a very modern and unique look. They were easy to install. The art glass looks really good in the daytime but they look best at night when they are turned on. The color of the glass becomes richer and more vibrant.
I called the company to ask a question and Jezebel herself answered the phone. She was very nice and answered all my questions. The lamps arrived quickly and they were packaged well.
I love these lamps and am so happy I bought them. Highly recommended!"
- Victoria Evrard

"Looking forward to receiving our lamp. The flame vase is a work of art and I will definitely send pictures once we get the lamp. I can't tell you how pleased we are and can't wait for family and friends to see our new lamps. (really who gets excited about lamps, but anyone who has a Jezebel light knows what I am talking about. Our chandelier is always a conversation piece when anyone comes into our home one of the best investments ever, we bought that when she had her studio off of Canyon Rd. in Santa Fe, hopefully we can visit your new showroom next time we are in New Mexico.
Thanks Again, we love it."
- Sandy Lynn

"The wall sculpture was delivered as scheduled in perfect condition. It is lovely and hung in place looks beautiful in my home. The length dimension was slightly short, closer to 37" rather than the 39" requested but the overall configuration of the piece is such that that is not an issue. Thank you for your help and please let the artist know I am very happy to have his wonderful work here. I`ve had one other wall sculpture of water fowl by Bijan, for years, and have never been tempted by another until our serendipitous visit to Jezebel Gallery in May. I appreciate all the coordination it took to accomplish the above."
- R.T. of California

"Your responsiveness to my 'inconvenience' exemplified the concept of 'customer service'. The staff was personal, responsive, solution oriented, time focused (because I was hosting an evening), and absolute perfectionists in creating the right replacement shade for my lamp. Thank you for fast service, immense understanding, and an unbelievably well-packaged replacement. Even more, thank you for the talent that creates your art lamps. We purchased ours five years ago, enjoy its beauty every day, and receive compliments on it from our guests."
- M. L. of Georgia

"I recently opened a restaurant in Ohio. The theme is light, casual, fresh and open. We have 10 of the lily pendant light in champagne that hang over the booth tables. They are just enough to fill "air space", but don't block the view. So many have commented on how pretty they look. A photographer came in & took some pictures (he has 3 60x42 flora canvas photos displayed), and as soon as I see those I'll try & send you one. Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with our lighting we received from you."
- Pam K. of Ohio

"I looked everywhere for cobalt pendants and came across Jezebel's web site. I called and received personal care and when I decided to order I went on the web site and had no problem with the order going through. I asked if the cord and ceiling base could be in brown and within a day I received a reply of yes. They worked with me and I would recommend them to everyone. I hope one day to go to their gallery in Madrid, New Mexico and see all the glass art work she does."
- Nancy of Virginia

"The lamp arrived intact—it is beautiful! I wasn't sure at first when I saw the side [of the glass shade] with the white but after we put the bulbs in and turned it on there was no doubt - it's a keeper! Tell Jezebel thank you for being so talented- maybe we'll stop in the next time we are in New Mexico- we try to visit at least every other year and have not been done your way yet. Thanks for all your help with this."
- Michelle H. of Florida

"This pendant is being installed in my new kitchen. I have waited 20 years for a complete kitchen remodel and i did it up proud. I chose this pendant for over the sink area and it is much more beautiful in person than it is in the photos. You can't go wrong. Easy to install and simply lovely! I would recommend it to anyone who appreciates art glass and uses distinctive fixtures in their home decor."
- Patricia P. of Gastonia, NC

"I received them two days ago. I love them! However, the delivery driver decided it was too big to place at my front door, so, despite the fact that 'Glass' and 'Fragile' were all over it, he dropped it over the block wall fence into my backyard!!!!! Thankfully, it was packed very well, and there was no damage. Thanks again! I look forward to deciding what to do with them so I can enjoy them everyday."
- Melissa Kushner

"The pendant light arrived intact. It is beautiful. We had dinner for our neighbors on Friday, and they were stunned at how beautiful the light is. We also have a small Jezebel lamp (our first piece, bought a few years ago at the Tesuque (then the Santa Fe Opera) flea market, and we have a beautiful larger table lamp in our master bedroom. All three pieces are beautiful works of art. Thanks."
- Carl T. of Texas

"When the pendants arrived I thought they were so big. But after hanging them they are PERFECT. I love them. I need to get pictures for you so you can see what you have done for me. Since I have opened my whole house up by knocking down a wall, I needed them the size that they are - it is the first thing you really focus on when you enter my house. Thanks for all your help, I love them!!!!!!!!"
- Lisa C. of Ohio

"I purchased two Jezebel Pendants for my living room. They are breathtaking! Everyone that comes over comments about my Jezebel Pendants. My friends have said they are unique and splendidly placed. They are exquisite accent pieces! I am so happy with my purchase! This is by far the best investment for my home this year. I would highly recommend this product to my friends and family!"
- Patty of Detroit, MI

"Jan and I want to share our excitement when lighting our lights for the first time over the dining table. Perfect ambiance for the Christmas season! Everything worked out just as promised, always a concern when purchasing over the internet. We have installed a dimmer and have them on all the while we are home in the evening. Thank you and everyone involved!"
- David and Jan

"After much searching for green pendants I found these and just love them. They arrived promptly in perfect condition and the variations in the glass is beautiful, whether lit or unlit. They are so unique; everyone that has seen them has loved them. I highly recommend - they are beautiful works of art!"
- Nancy O. of Brownstown, MI

"We opened the boxes yesterday after work. WOW!!!!! We adore the lights! They are beautiful! And they survived the trip without a scratch, I might add. I'll send pictures when the lights are up."
- Donna M. of Pennsylvania

"Shades are beautiful and were packaged well for shipping. I received a call from their customer service rep to confirm an issue I had a question about prior to shipping. Very pleased with my purchase."
- Jaymie Larkey of Peebles, OH

"I received my votives and checked them last night. Both are in great condition and I am very pleased. Thank you for all your help and I look forward to visiting your gallery in the future. I just love your gallery!"
- Tami M. of California

"The replacement shade came through beautifully and the lamp is back to it's lovely spot in my living room. Thank you for your help. It was a pleasure to do business with you and the Lazy Daisy lamp has been a source of joy for me for many years."
- Kim P. of Wisconsin

"I just wanted to let you know that both of the sculptures were waiting for us when we got home yesterday and they were in perfect condition! They have already been well accepted into our family. When we make it back to New Mexico we will be sure to visit your store again!"
- Anita P. of Missouri

"This is the third item I've purchased and I could not be more pleased. The web-sites colors were almost exactly as it was delivered. Well packaged for shipping. And my electric installer said it was a breeze. They will continue to recieve my business in the future."
- Anastasia L. of Palm Beach Gardens, FL

"I love my new White Cloud Pendants! They add so much character to my kitchen. They really make my kitchen come alive. Everyone that comes over states that they are the focal point of the eating area. I wish I would have purchased them sooner!!"
- Arika of Houston, TX

"The pendant lights arrived promptly and not a scratch on them. They are a beautiful addition to the kitchen remodel we recently completed. Everyone that has seen them thinks they are so unique and pretty."
- Linda B. of Dallas, TX

"We have decided to keep the pendant! We have found another area to use it and we are very happy about it. Thank you so much for all your help and for personally picking out the glass. We'll be back."
- Doug & Susan S. of Michigan

" I have my new pendants above my kitchen table. They are beautiful! And they give off more light than I expected them to! I would recommend these to everyone! They really make my kitchen inviting!"
- Richard of Placitas NM

"I purchased four of these and am extremely pleased. They truly are the jewelry of my new kitchen. Hanging height is important because of the flared ends of the glass that gives it the flowered look. "
- Babs of Parma, OH

" You are the greatest…..not only do you provide amazing service but your beautiful creations are a 'knock out'! I will spread the word about you and this gallery! I wish you guys much success!"
- Carol B., Designer of Las Vegas NV

" Wow and Stunning! We had the pleasure of enjoying the new dining room chandlier for our thanksgiving dinner. It is truly a work of art. Thank you for making this for us. We will treasure it."
- Anonymous

"This vase is absolutely stunning, even prettier in person than in the photo. It looks like it is in motion, flowing - the swirling of the colors is right in line with the swirl of the glass. Love it."
- Anonymous of Burlington, CT

"I want you to know that I just returned from vacation and my new lamp was waiting for me. I just put everything together and it's beautiful! Thank you so much."
- Fenton A. of California

"The pendants have arrived in one piece and they are absolutely beautiful. I will definitely keep you in mind for future projects. Thanks for all of your help!"
- Nita D., interior designer of Louisiana

" I am very satisfied with my Jezebel Lily Light Teal Sky Blue Pendant. This light is very appealing to the eye. It really completes my bedroom!"
- Michelle from Columbia, MO

"Beautiful lamps. Arrived well-packaged and with everything needed for installation. Seller responded quickly by email to all of my questions."
- Robert Gutierrez, Ruston, WA

"I purchased two of these and they are beautiful! They work wonderful in my living room. I would definitely recommend to friends and family!!!"
- Lukas of Newark, NJ

"These lights are easy to install and they look so beautiful! I didn't think it was possible for them to look better in person than in the photo!"
- Melissa from Holbrook, NY

" One word: FABULOUS! And thank you for including bulbs. Wow. We'll try to remember to send you pictures once the renovation is done."
- David S. of Washington DC

"This pendant is beautiful and the price was 30% less than anywhere else. It is much prettier in person than on the computer."
- Anonymous of Canton, OH

"Lamps are even more gorgeous than the photos show. Great customer service and very fast shipping. Highly recommended!"
- Victoria Evrard of Tuscon, AZ

"I love the glass!! The lamps are hung in my kitchen and they are wonderful! They are the bisque color and I just love them!!"
- Joyce R. of Kirkland, WA

"I love my new Seafoam Green pendants. They go perfect with my bedroom decor! They are the best Christmas gift this year."
- Tracy of Affton, MO

"We received the chandelier and it is absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much for the beautiful artistry and craftsmanship!"
- Teresa Herbst of Lawrenceburg IN

"The pendants were all very well packaged and arrived safe and sound. They are beautiful and will work well in the space."
- Colin D. of Vermont

"The chandelier was installed just before Christmas and it exceeded all expectations. We absolutely love it. Thanks to all!"
- Voigt L. of Minnesota

"My pendant arrived and is up! It looks great! Thanks for everything. I may order some other items for my vacation condo!"
- Nancy L. of Washington State

"Speedy delivery! The company actually called me with questions to make sure the product was exactly what we wanted!"
- Carmella Paternostro of Williamsville, NY

"Very beautiful in person. I am so happy that I bought these for my kitchen. They really make the kitchen come to life."
- Sally of San Diego, CA

"The shipping was SPEEDY! The product was very nice and safely packaged. Definitely the work of a professional!"
- Megan L. Van Meter of Austin, TX

"It is as beautiful as the photo and arrived in perfect condition due to the excellent care taken in the packaging."
- Anonymous of Spring Valley, CA

"The photography arrived in perfect shape and is hanging over my fireplace. It looks great! Thanks so much!"
- Stephanie P. of Washington DC

"We just unpacked our replacement shade and put it on. It is perfect - arrived safely and looks great."
- Russ R. of Connecticut

"Product was of a very good quality. We are glad we ordered 3 of them for our remodeling project."
- Richard K. of Parkland, FL

"I am very delighted with my purchase! The color is even prettier in person. So worth the money!!"
- Arika of Houston, TX

"They are so pretty. I get a lot of compliments on them, and they add a lot of style to the room."
- Kimberly D. of Fremont, CA

"Beautiful product, lovingly packed and delivered in perfect condition. Highly recommended."
- Richard Coencas of San Jose, CA

"These pendant lights are beautiful works of art! They elevate my kitchen to the next level!"
- Janine

"Wow! Awesome packing, we love our new lights!!!!! Wonderful unusual perfect!"
- TNPewter of Germantown, TN

"Our electrician installed the light yesterday and it is BEAUTIFUL! Many thanks!"
- Sally of Newton, MA

"If you are looking for a great accent piece this is the lighting for you!"
- Asia of West County, MO

"These lights are beautiful! More magnificent in person! Thank you!"
- Ann Quinn of Philadelphia, PA

"Product arrived on time and quality of product was also excellent."
- Geneva Brock of Sun City Center, Florida

"They are really nice. We are using them at a wedding. Perfect!"
- Rhonda DeVries of Malta, MT

"We love our new lights. They look gorgeous! Thanks!"
- Jan Lovelace

"Very pretty, easy to assemble."
- Claire G. of Valparaiso, IN

"Really a beautiful piece!"
- Renee Verkouteren of Poway, CA