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Internationally renowned Visionary Artist and Jewelry Designer, Tia Crystal has long attracted a select and international circle of collectors, drawn by her Organic style and enchanting persona. 

Live Love Life

Tia Crystal’s life is a living testimony to making a difference in the world.

She began creating mesmerizing artwork that hangs in galleries, resorts, and private residences around the world. Her art was featured last year in an exhibit in Geneva, Switzerland at the United Nations for “Art in Wellness” and is currently featured at Jezebel Gallery in Madrid, NM

Tia Crystal is a woman on an ever-lasting mission. As an artist, designer, and humanitarian, the past 30 years of her life have been passionately dedicated to sharing the beauty of Mother Earth through her creations. Educated in a variety of cultural philosophies, religions, and healing modalities, Tia's mission is to create timeless pieces that inspire people to pursue their wildest dreams.