Baseball Art and Dreams by Scott Christopher
Baseball Art and Dreams by Scott Christopher

Baseball Art and Dreams by Scott Christopher

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Baseball, Art, and Dreams is the amazing true story of Scott Christopher, a boy who loved the game of baseball. At age six he falls on the broken soda bottle, severing all seven tendons, median nerve, and both arteries in his throwing hand.

Some said Scott had ten minutes to live, and shockingly his team of doctors considered amputation. After years of grueling rehabilitation, weighing less than one hundred pounds as a junior, he did make the high school varsity baseball team.

With no surprise, Scott had the worst season of any varsity player in the country, batting zero with three strikeouts in four plate appearances. His supernatural forces surfaced by his creative thinking that became laser focused on his dream.

Scott built a batting cage in his backyard, hitting day and night, staining his bat handles blood red. His proactive efforts earned him the MVP trophy his senior year.

With an ongoing dream of playing for the Maryland, even as Scott was turned away three times over the next three seasons, was all part of his journey to success. His career shifted gears when Maryland's head coach, Jack Jackson, offered Scott a full scholarship after witnessing him blast a 380-foot home run in a championship game.

Scott's super human ability to focus his energy on his vision takes his life into uncharted territory. When one season was very compromised due to a car accident, he would recover earning MVP honors both his junior and senior seasons. Selected on the All-ACC team as a shortstop, but bypassed in the 1976 MLB June draft, opportunity revealed itself in a new way, offering the chance to play baseball in Korea.

It was January 1977 when he signed a professional contract with the Baltimore Orioles. Over the next four seasons his teams made the playoffs every year. He still holds the all-time organizational record for stolen base percentage in a season.

In 1978, Scott become a professional champion, and the only player in the Orioles system to ever hit a ninth inning home run in the final playoff game for the title.

Learn how his AMAZING story beats the almost one in a million odds as passion and purpose drive Scott's success. His American Baseball Memoir is an INSPIRATIONAL story for everyone. Readers should get ready to "Dream Big, Dream On!"

All editions sold by Jezebel Gallery are personally signed by Scott Christopher



The art is gorgeous, especially the lamps and chandeliers. There is also a gift shop where you can buy hematite rings and other cool stuff, and while you're there, grab a soda or some coffee.

Kailo Wren

This isn't just some machine made piece of glass packaged in a factory, it is actually made by an Artist, by hand, in the Studio of their Gallery. There were a lot of color options to choose from too, it was hard to decide but I'm definitely pleased with my choice. No regrets! That is something else I loved about this, I was supporting a small business and an Artist and not some big company that could care less about me. I am all about supporting the Arts, small businesses, and anything local so this was very cool, a good find. Altogether I am very happy with my new Pendants and I would definitely recommend them to anyone who is looking for something different, artistic, and unique! :)"

- Clarice C.
Sandia Park, NM