Jezebel Gallery Lighting, Fine Art, Furnishings and Accessories


Jezebel offers tiffany colored glass and metal lighting. Using premium hand-made hand-rolled fine art glass and forged wrought iron to make her unique masterpieces. Jezebel will design a special luminous light that will make your home or business glow with warm colored light. Using our designer friendly website, you can select your choice of color for the glass and the base and put together any combination your imagination desires. Custom measurements are also available upon request on our chandelier page. Among our Jezebel styles are Contemporary, Modern, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Retro, Traditional, Transitional, Rustic, Mission and Arts & Crafts styled works. Jezebel's hand-made Custom Chandeliers, Mini Chandeliers, Swag Chandeliers, Foyer Lights, Ceiling Lights, Chandelier Pendants, Pendant Lights, Mini Pendants, Large Pendants, Track Lighting, Island Lighting, Torchieres, Floor Lamps, Table Lamps, Accent Lamps, Wall Sconces, And Replacement Parts are created in our art glass studio. For your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, dining room or living area and etc...

Jezebel's glass is unlike any other glass in the world. Jezebel holds the patent on her technique for manipulating complexly colored and hand rolled sheet glass. Each piece of glass is hand colored with pigments and metals by trade secret. Then it is hand rolled onto a slab. After the glass has cooled it travels 1500 miles across the USA to Santa Fe where it is cut into shapes and slumped into your custom piece.


Have you ever dreamed of a custom made table of hand forged wrought iron and tiffany style colored fine art glass? Let Jezebel design for you a nature themed furniture for you; a bed and bed stand or rustic lodge style dining table with chairs befitting a castle. Among our offerings are candles that are hand poured wax into our stunning Jezebel tiffany style colored fine art glass. Unique Vases and Vase Lamps are also made here. Jezebel represents many fine artists and artisans who make amazing hand formed creations for us to bring to you. If you love turning natures forms into organic fine and functional art, then we have some amazing creations for you.

Stained Glass

Jezebel will help you to realize your vision in tiffany colored art glass. Using your themes and colors, Jezebel will bring your ideas to life. Simply submit your ideas for a design and the process begins. Browse our collection of already created and sold stained glass windows. The premium tiffany style colored fine art glass is cut, shaped and assembled the old fashioned way; with time consuming and labor intensive craftsmanship. Jezebel's skill of designing and painting on glass will dazzle you with an heirloom that will last through time. Jezebel uses hand rolled and blown glasses that are then leaded using lead and pewter solder. Jezebel has been working with stained, blown, cast, slumped, and fused glass since the age of 10.

The special glasses that Jezebel uses surpass any other for lighting, even that which Louis C. Tiffany made and became famous for from 1878-1938. Custom glass made today is more luminous and richer in color. Some glasses are remarkably vibrant and shiny, while other sheets are molecularly designed to have a rich waxy feel and diffuse the light throughout the glass; these glasses eliminate hot spots while still retaining color purity and translucence. And, because the color is inside the glass and not painted on the surface, there is a remarkable 3-dimensional effect while being only 1/8 inch thick. Whatever the glass, Jezebel uses only the best.