8 products

    8 products

    Jezebel’s custom organic lighting and furniture will help you to romance with nature in your own home. Let Jezebel help you to fall in love with the earth’s natural forms as functional art.

    Jezebel Radiance and Signature chandeliers are handmade in the USA using a process patented to Jezebel®. The remarkably saturated hues can be ordered in a variety of glass colors. All Jezebel® products are UL certified and 120 volts. This light can be used with a medium base bulb (not included): incandescent, fluorescent or LED. Naturally occurring air bubbles, inclusions, textures and slight color variations in the glass demonstrate that your Jezebel® chandelier is an original work of art. Your Jezebel® chandelier is made of hand-forged iron, wood and glass and comes with our 2-year limited warranty. If your hardware or glass shade arrives defective in any way, please contact us immediately.

    Jezebel offers Tiffany colored glass and metal chandeliers, pendant lights, table lamps, and home furnishings such as flame shaped candle votives and vases, organic side tables, dining tables and beds. All are made using premium hand-made hand-rolled fine art glass and forged wrought iron. Jezebel will design a special luminous heirloom for your home. Colored light that will make your home or business glow with warmth.

    The Jezebel Radiance® line of glass is premium, heirloom quality glass. Jezebel Radiance® glass has streaks of bold, brilliantly intense color with a shiny surface. Glass shades are shaped using a process patented to Jezebel®. This is a stunningly beautiful hand rolled sheet glass. There is no unsightly hot spot from a light bulb. Meanwhile, pure color and light will flood your space with ambiance.

    Jezebel Signature® glass has an unsurpassed complex mixture of colors. Signature® glasses have a rich waxy feel and stone-like texture and appearance. The Signature® glasses are more luminous, richer in color and eliminate unsightly light bulb hot spots. Jezebel holds the patent on her technique. Because the color is inside the glass and not painted on the surface, there is a remarkable 3-dimensional effect while light is diffused throughout the glass. The complex mixture of colors is difficult to attain in glass. Jezebel Signature® glass surpasses any other for lighting, even that which Louis C. Tiffany made and became famous for from 1878-1938.