Chain of Hearts by Greg Gowen 7.5"x17.75"

Chain of Hearts by Greg Gowen 7.5"x17.75"

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Chain of Hearts: Copper Art by Greg Gowen

"My dad showed me how to sculpt, my mother taught me to make it beautiful," says Greg Gowen at his studio in Los Ranchos de Albuquerque, New Mexico. Greg, a native of Texas, raised in the southern mountains of New Mexico, began welding at age eight under the guidance of his father and mother, both well known artists and gallery owners. Ten years later, at the age of eighteen, Greg began participating in art shows around the southwest. Greg was honored as featured artist of the Celebration of Fine Art show in Scottsdale, Arizona, of which he participated in for 8 years. Galleries quickly became aware of his talent and began exhibiting and selling his work. Today, Greg's sculptures are displayed in private collections, galleries, and museums throughout the US and abroad.

Although Greg's artistic desire for design touches many different mediums, his success and notoriety have been in his popular welded copper and brass wall hangings and free standing sculptures.

Greg currently resides in Corrales, New Mexico with his wife Deborah and his four children Jordan, Kyle, Wesley, and Noah. His wife and he maintain their two art galleries as well as Greg's metal sculpting studio.

The most important aspect of Greg's work is best stated in his own words, "I am blessed to have the opportunity to use the gift God gave me and share it with others."




The art is gorgeous, especially the lamps and chandeliers. There is also a gift shop where you can buy hematite rings and other cool stuff, and while you're there, grab a soda or some coffee.

Kailo Wren

This isn't just some machine made piece of glass packaged in a factory, it is actually made by an Artist, by hand, in the Studio of their Gallery. There were a lot of color options to choose from too, it was hard to decide but I'm definitely pleased with my choice. No regrets! That is something else I loved about this, I was supporting a small business and an Artist and not some big company that could care less about me. I am all about supporting the Arts, small businesses, and anything local so this was very cool, a good find. Altogether I am very happy with my new Pendants and I would definitely recommend them to anyone who is looking for something different, artistic, and unique! :)"

- Clarice C.
Sandia Park, NM