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Artist Statement

I grew up in a small village of 41 people in Northern New Mexico that was rich in culture and tradition. These traditions were passed down to me from my parents, grand-parents and great grand-parents. The traditions were a combination of Spanish, Mexican & Native American customs that were shared between many of the small villages in Northern New Mexico.

When I attended college, I was introduced to many people from all over the world with different views and life experiences I was interested in what their traditions and customs were. However, my friends were most intrigued by my experiences and thought they were the most unique. I found myself in the position where I was explaining traditions and the meaning behind them. Up until this point, everything I had learned was not written anywhere, just learned by practice and orally. It became difficult to explain customs to people that were unfamiliar with even the most common of New Mexico traditions much less describing intricate costumes and face painting.

Because I thought it was important to pass on these traditions and customs to my children as well as share them with the world, I turned to photography. Through photography I have been able to accurately document these traditions with my personal style that I feel suits the subject. Whether it is photographing 400 year-old Spanish Mission adobe churches, traditional Native American Dances or the Mexican celebration of the Day of the Dead, I want to photograph it to share with those that cannot be there and for those who have still not arrived on this earth.


Photographic Accomplishments

2nd Place New Mexico Magazine Photography Contest, 2015

People Category

1st Place Intel New Mexico Photography Contest 2013

Black and White category

1st Place Intel New Mexico Photography Contest 2014

Overall Winner

1st Place Intel New Mexico Photography Contest 2015

Overall Winner

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